Macro Economics

Hey team, Yesterday, for the final time this year the board of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) got together to discuss the official interest rate in Australia. And, as expected, they’ve decided to leave the it unchanged at 1.50%…. Read More ›

From Idea to Law

Hey team, So the United States Senate approved the tax bill last Saturday. This followed the approval by the House of Representatives back in November. The thing is, the tax bill which the Senate approved is not the same as the tax bill which… Read More ›

80 Billion Percent

Hi team, Over the weekend it came out that Robert Mugabe, the ruthless ruler of Zimbabwe, was put under house arrest by the country’s military. Hopefully over the coming days we will hear that there has been a successful and peaceful transfer of power… Read More ›

Hurricane Harvey

A massive tropical cyclone has been smashing its way through the state of Texas over the last couple of days causing incredible physical devastation along the way. It’s also hit financial markets in a number of ways. The biggest has been on… Read More ›