General Finance

Stay Cool

Hey team, So, ah, this happened last night. That’s right, I’m not even going to tell you. This time I’m making you click on the link. So what does it mean? Well, it all depends on how seriously investors take it. To… Read More ›

Bid & Offer

Hey Team, One of you sent through an email recently asking for a bit of an explainer re how to read the share quotes in the stock market. So what follows is entirely their fault. Seriously though, love the questions… Read More ›

Salvator Mundi

Hey team, There are four things (I think) you should never invest in. Gold, Diamonds, Fine Art and Bitcoins. They are just so impossible to value. Gold is pretty and diamonds are a girl’s best friend, art looks nice and… Read More ›

Hurricane Harvey

A massive tropical cyclone has been smashing its way through the state of Texas over the last couple of days causing incredible physical devastation along the way. It’s also hit financial markets in a number of ways. The biggest has been on… Read More ›