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The Carry Trade

Hey team, By now you should be pretty aware the investing community is convinced interest rates in the United States are going up. In fact, if you polled a bunch of bankers, they’d probably tell you they’re hung over from… Read More ›

My Why

Hey team, Tomorrow’s going to be my last post for the year. It’s been fun. Thanks a lot for all of the questions, emails of support and post-fact grammar and spelling corrections. Hopefully I’ve helped in a small way to… Read More ›

Hey team, Yesterday, for the final time this year the board of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) got together to discuss the official interest rate in Australia. And, as expected, they’ve decided to leave the it unchanged at 1.50%…. Read More ›

From Idea to Law

Hey team, So the United States Senate approved the tax bill last Saturday. This followed the approval by the House of Representatives back in November. The thing is, the tax bill which the Senate approved is not the same as the tax bill which… Read More ›

Last Week, in Finance

Hey team Yep. Hi. Here we are again. The Land Down Under (AKA Australia) The ASX200 index, which tracks the value of the largest 200 companies trading on the ASX was 0.12% higher last week The All Ordinaries index, which tracks the largest 500,… Read More ›