Month: August 2017

How Oil Romances Petrol

After yesterdays’ note, we received the following question. We’ll do our best to answer it. Hope it helps and keep the questions coming. Hi there 5MF.  Long time reader. First time asker!  Today you spoke about oil. Can you explain… Read More ›

Hurricane Harvey

A massive tropical cyclone has been smashing its way through the state of Texas over the last couple of days causing incredible physical devastation along the way. It’s also hit financial markets in a number of ways. The biggest has been on… Read More ›

Size Matters II

Yesterday we received a question from a keen reader, asking us to expand a little bit on the Indexes in general. Below is their question and our teams’ answer. Hope it helps and keep the questions coming. Long-time reader, first… Read More ›

Size Matters

So apparently the ASX is set to start the week higher…. What the hell does that mean? OK get ready, cause we’re about to drop some knowledge, so you best be prepared to pick it up. Whenever the media talks… Read More ›

It’s a shutdown

In the news yesterday, Donald Trump aka Mr Orange, was back at it again with his build-a-wall solution to America’s immigration issues. This time taking an even stronger stance, threatening to literally shut-down the US government if congress won’t approve funding for… Read More ›

Twigging Out

Front page of the business section today is being dominated by one company, Fortescue Metals, one of Australia’s largest mining companies. It reported its annual results yesterday and they were well ahead of expectations on a number of fronts. And… Read More ›